The Harvard to Oxford Thought Leadership Series

Welcome to the web site of H20, established for a group of business leaders from around the world who spent 10 weeks together at Harvard Business School. Four years later, in 2011, many of that group met at Magdalen College, Oxford, to discuss wide ranging business and political issues. H20 was born from that conference.

"Counter-measures" became the theme of H2011- a clear acknowledgement that, whether in politics or in business, fear is often mistaken and confused with risk - we seek to counteract things of which we are fearful rather than things which are actual risks. Within H2011 will be found unedited film coverage of the seminars and transcripts of each of the interviews.

"Marking Time"seemed in H2012 to sum up what might best be described as a world in standstill - interview after interview confirmed the idea that the world was little changed in 12 months, that the level of risk, whether political, military, financial or economic, had increased a little and that it appeared that much of the world was simply waiting for a new global crisis.

Anthony Fry arranged H2011 and the formidable group of guest speakers to stimulate the AMP173 thought leaders : and interviewed these and other speakers for H2012.

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"Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind"
Samuel Ullman